How to choose your Hair Style?

Thick, thin, long. short, straight, curly…the list goes on. First off take your hair into considerations. Many many times a bride shows me a picture of thick , thicker then most peoples hair, when hers is fine. Or Blond wavy curl when hers is dark. The reason I say this is because most real nice looking pictures are professional everything;  from the extensions to the camera person to photoshop. And many styles look one way on a blond, but different on a brunette.

For example a style like this:

While the below style is beautiful. each hair is well placed for a perfect photo. There are very few pins and the subtle highlites help. Its important to find a photo that is realistic and suites your hairstyle and colour.

If you have fine hair and have never tried hair extensions, then this might be a good opportunity to try out a new look. One real bride said she decided to have extensions because she didn’t want an updo as she never wears her hair up and instead wanted a down do with more volume.

Other brides love their curls and work them into their look. Michelle said she had a “curly down do with a modern side plait twist.”







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