Updo or Down Do?…or in-between?

Many of my brides love the special occasion look of an updo,  “but it just does not feel like, me?” they say. SO the half up and Hal down is the best approach, best of both worlds.

However sometime the dress just begs for an updo! Its always best to have a trial, try all three. Better yet if you have the dress, wait or have a second trial, you would not believe how much the dress helps in front of you make all the difference in your final decision about air crowing glory


A lot of brides decide to grow their hair long for their wedding day so that they can have an updo, but if you really suit short hair best then it’s not necessary. Anne Hathaway had to cut off her long hair for her role in Les Miserables and she’s brought the pixie crop right back on trend. You can dress your hair up with a flower crown or a birdcage veil can look fabulous with a shorter style.

Marilyn Monroe


A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself.

-Marilyn Monroe


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